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"Data is the gold of the 21st century -
Start managing it smart!"

LeadHub combines the features of a data management system with modern marketing attributes. It's the connection of lead generation, validation, transactional processes and sales automations with affiliate tracking technologies, that makes us unique. It has been developed for advertisers and lead generation companies, that distribute their leads to multiple clients or departments. Our clients operate in various industries from finance and insurance to multi-level marketing and digital products. Improve your direct marketing processes and qualify your leads with only one software!

Lead Form Integration

We offer easy front end integrations on your website. You can build your landing pages in the system or use our plug and play widgets on your landing page. Also check out our lead ads integration via API to automate your leadgen flow.

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Real-Time Validation

Use our intelligent technology to prevent bot traffic and detect fraudulent or invalid user entries. Pre-check emails, phone numbers and addresses before you report them to your partnes. LeadHub ensures only high-quality leads reach your sales desk and customers.


Filter out all your duplicate and redundant leads, so you don't pay for them twice.

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Transaction Messages (DOI/OTP)

Qualify your leads with a welcome message or meet local legal requirements through a double opt-in confirmation. Transactional messages are a key factor to improve the customer journey and increase your sender reputation. LeadHub automatically sends out welcome or transactional messages via email and/or SMS.

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We've tested several lead management solutions for our insurance and finance offers. LeadHub delivers all the necessary tools you need to collect and validate the generated leads in real-time and to distribute them directly to the right sales department. It is very easy to manage all our affiliate partners and campaigns with no need of an additional tracking solution.

Marius Hofmann - QuattroFinance

LeadHub tracking and automation features along with convenient reports made it much easier for us to make lead generation processes done and gain valuable insights about our collected data.

Amanda Lorian - Head of Performance Marketing

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