Landing Page Administration
Easily set up, manage, and customize landing pages with intuitive tools, empowering effective campaign performance.
Content Management
Efficiently organize, edit, and publish content with user-friendly tools, ensuring seamless content management and engagement optimization in LeadHub.
Global Text Blocks & Designs
Utilize global text blocks and designs for consistent and simplified setup of landing pages.
Message Template Administration
Customize email and SMS templates, ensuring brand consistency and enhancing communication effectiveness.
Email and SMS Services
Plug and play your favorite email and SMS providers for seamless communication and optimizing outreach strategies.
Dedicated Email Server
Utilize dedicated email servers for enhanced deliverability, reliability, and security, ensuring optimal performance and inbox placement.
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REST API connects your Landing Page

A REST API for lead generation collects and manages prospect data through HTTP requests, enabling programmatic and streamlined information exchanges.

Lead Form Integration

Connect directly with lead forms from Facebook, Tik Tok, Google, Snapchat, etc..


Zapier connects systems and triggers actions based on events, allowing for seamless data flow across various platforms.


GDPR and CCPA Compliant
GDPR (EU) and CCPA (USA) ensure data protecFon, consent, and rights, regulaFng the handling of personal informaFon for privacy and security.
Managed Cloud Hosting
Managed cloud hosting in LeadHub provides scalable and secure infrastructure that handles maintenance, updates, and support for software accessibility and performance.
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LEAD Management

Database Integration
Seamlessly integrate your existing databases with LeadHub, unlocking a unified, data-rich ecosystem.
Custom Lead Segmentation
Refine your lead segmentation within LeadHub by harnessing the full spectrum of data points you collect, ensuring highly personalized and effective targeting.
Lead Tagging
Label your leads with comprehensive data gathered, simplifying lead management and enhancing personalized engagement strategies within LeadHub.
Data Documentation
Effective data documentation ensures comprehensive, organized records, facilitating analysis, compliance, and informed decision-making in your business processes.
Suppression Files
Suppression files help maintain data quality by excluding unwanted or irrelevant records, ensuring more targeted and effective marketing campaigns.
Data Enrichment
Data enrichment enhances your information with valuable insights, adding depth and accuracy to your records for more informed decision-making.
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LEAD Validation

RealTime Validation
LeadHub empowers real-time data field validation, customizable with rules, black/white lists, or third-party API integration, ensuring accurate, up-to-the-minute data quality.
Custom Lead Verification
Tailor lead validation and verification rules to your needs with LeadHub.
Black- & Whitelisting
Easily establish personalized black and white lists, ideal for managing unwelcome users and internal testing, using LeadHub's intuitive tools.
Form Restriction Setup
Configure customized form restrictions tailored to specific client needs, ensuring efficient and targeted lead capture and management in LeadHub.
Deduplication Check
Identify and temporarily exclude duplicate leads, safeguarding paid marketing source investments, using LeadHub's intelligent lead management capabilities.
Transactional SMS/Email/OTP
Configure personalized SMS, email, and/or OTPs for double opt-in verification, ensuring accurate user contact data in LeadHub.
Fraud Detection
Enhance fraud detection in LeadHub with fully customizable tools, allowing integration of your unique parameters alongside our standard ones.


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Publisher Setup
Easily set up all your traffic sources in LeadHub to measure lead quality individually.
Campaign Management
Campaign management streamlines the planning, execution, tracking, and analysis of marketing campaigns, optimizing performance and maximizing ROI.
Affiliate Tracking & Reporting
Affiliate tracking and reporting provide detailed insights into affiliate performance, ensuring transparency and maximizing outcome of partnership strategies.
Marketing Statistics & Analyzing Tools
Access comprehensive marketing statistics and analysis tools for deep insights and empowering data-driven decisions.
Different Payout Models
Offer diverse payout options such as CPL, CPC, and CPM, catering to various advertiser needs and maximizing revenue potential.
Email Funnel Automation
Automate mailing funnel processes for seamless lead nurturing, personalized communication, and optimized engagement at every stage of the customer journey.


Smart Lead Distribution
Employ smart lead distribution algorithms for efficient allocation, ensuring leads are routed to the most appropriate recipients.
Client Management
Simplify client management with an easy setup for lead attribution, sales automation, revenue tracking, and customizable delivery schedules.
Sales Automation
Automate sales processes, including lead routing and task assignments, with added information from nurtured leads for enhanced prospect engagement.
Revenue Tracking & Sales Statistics
Track revenue and analyze sales statistics comprehensively, empowering data-driven decisions and optimizing strategies for business growth in LeadHub.
Delivery Schedules
Customize delivery schedules for efficient lead distribution, ensuring timely and targeted communication to maximize engagement and conversions.
Several Delivery Methods
Access multiple delivery methods including API, email, and CSV, ensuring a good fit for your organization.